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RR_4036 Error connecting to database [message #225105] Sat, 17 March 2007 10:59
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Appended below is the steps illustrated in the Informatica getting started manual for "Configuring Database Connections " and also the session log.

I am getting the db connection error. Hope I did everything is correct, still not working.
How do I make sure, db connection is working while Configuring Database Connections in the informatica ?

Appreciate your help.

NOTE: Oracle listener is running and I could able to connect to the database using sqlplus with no issues.
The DB is installed in the client box. Repository is there in the remote server. Don't know, if this is the problem, meaning, at the time of workflow execution, how the repository server will know the database ruuning in the client box, without tnsnames.ora entry in the remote server ( power center server). Please confirm, if this is an issue ?

Configuring Database Connections in the Workflow Manager
Before you can create a session, you need to provide the PowerCenter Server with the
information it needs to connect to the source and target databases. Configure database
connections in the Workflow Manager. Database connections are saved in the repository.
For more information on working with database connections, see “Configuring the Workflow
Manager” in the Workflow Administration Guide.
To define a database connection:
1. Launch the Workflow Manager.
2. Select your repository in the Navigator, and then choose Repository-Connect.
3. Enter your user name and password for connecting to the repository, and click Connect.
Use the user profile and password you entered in Table 1-2 on page 4.
4. Choose Connections-Relational.
The Relational Connection Browser dialog box appears.
5. Click New in the Relational Connection Browser dialog box.
The Select Subtype dialog box appears.
6. Select the appropriate database type, such as Microsoft SQL Server, and click OK.
The Connection Object Definition dialog box appears with options appropriate to the
selected database platform.
7. In the Name field, enter TUTORIAL_SOURCE as the name of the database connection.
The PowerCenter Server uses this name as a reference to this database connection.
8. Enter the database name. Enter the user name and password to connect to the database.
9. Select a code page for the database connection. The source code page must be a subset of
the PowerCenter Server code page and the target code page.
Note: Use the database connection information you entered for the source database in
Table 1-4 on page 5.
10. Enter any additional information necessary to connect to this database, such as native
connect string, and click OK.
TUTORIAL_SOURCE now appears in the list of registered database connections in the
Relational Connection Browser dialog box.

Session log
MAPPING> TM_6683 Repository Name: [PCREPO_BISIT_DEV]
MAPPING> TM_6684 Server Name: [BISIT_BKMAP_00]
MAPPING> TM_6686 Folder: [CPDW_sk73580]
MAPPING> TM_6685 Workflow: [wf_PhoneList]
MAPPING> TM_6101 Mapping name: m_PhoneLists [version CheckedOut]
MAPPING> CMN_1569 Server Mode: [ASCII]
MAPPING> CMN_1570 Server Codepage: [ISO 8859-1 Western European]
MAPPING> TM_6151 Session Sort Order: [Binary]
MAPPING> TM_6156 Using LOW precision decimal arithmetic
MAPPING> TM_6180 Deadlock retry logic will not be implemented.
MAPPING> TM_6307 DTM Error Log Disabled.
MAPPING> TE_7022 TShmWriter: Initialized
MAPPING> TM_6007 DTM initialized successfully for session [s_PhoneList]
MASTER> PETL_24004 Starting pre-session tasks.
MASTER> PETL_24027 Pre-session task completed successfully.
MASTER> PETL_24006 Starting data movement.
MAPPING> TM_6660 Total Buffer Pool size is 12000000 bytes and Block size is 64000 bytes.
READER_1_1_1> DBG_21438 Reader: Source is [orcl], user [scott]
READER_1_1_1> Sat Mar 17 08:30:03 2007
READER_1_1_1> RR_4036 Error connecting to database [
ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified

Database driver error...
Function Name : Connect
Database Error: Failed to connect to database using user [scott] and connection string [orcl].].
READER_1_1_1> Sat Mar 17 08:30:03 2007
READER_1_1_1> BLKR_16001 Error connecting to database...

MASTER> PETL_24023 Thread [READER_1_1_1] created for the read stage of partition point [SQ_EMP] has completed. The total run time was insufficient for any meaningful statistics.
MASTER> PETL_24021 ***** END RUN INFO *****

MASTER> PETL_24005 Starting post-session tasks.

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