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oracle broker notes [message #196503] Thu, 05 October 2006 12:04
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I am just throwing notes here for anyone using or trying to use Data Guard, Oracle broker
Oracle Broker and "single" OEM (not using the grid) notes
(1) NOTE ===========
Using the Broker, I did a MANUAL "switchover" from primary to standby database. When I try to VIEW the new primary database, (http:\\xx.xx.com:1158:\em) it points back to the "old" database.
Answer to the problem:
Metalink Note ID: 370138.1
If you have copied the database you have also copied the repository (DBCONSOLE) storing the connect information for the database. The repository is still using information for the original database. You have to recreate the repository to get the information for the new database:

On the new db server
cd to the oh/home/bin
set the ORACLE_SID to the new SID
./emca -config all db -repos recreate on unix
emca -config all db -repos recreate on Windows

(2) NOTE ===========
when starting the OBSERVER, in a DOS window, the DOS PROMPT will NOT come back. Once you issue DGMGRL> start observer, it will come back with Observer Started (no prompt). It is running!

(3) Note ===========
When you issue
DGMRL > enable Fast_Start failover, the OBSERVER should be running before you issue this command. If it is not, then it will come back with an (something like) ORA-16xx Database warning

(3) Note ===========
Using the Broker to "auto" switch over to standby:
1. Make sure to set
EDIT DATABASE 'yourname_here' SET PROPERTY 'LogXptMode'='SYNC';

(4) Note ===========
Testing, I have two file servers
pdb=primary (file server name=sys1)
sdb=standby (file server name=sys2)
With the OBSERVER running on another PC,
turn off the POWER to Server=sys1
Observer kicked in. Meaning it could not communcation with the PRIMARY, did an auto switch to sdb.
Depending on you network...it could take coms time
After the auto switch, tested the Applications, good, not data loss.
Turn the power BACK on the "old" primary database. Long story short, once the observer saw the "old" primary, it switched it to a STANDBY database. I had a number of long pauses during all this..again, depends on your network.
you will need to reinstate the old database
dgmgrl > Reinstate database 'pdb';
connect to new primary
dgmgrl > swtichover to 'pdb';
that becomes the primary again.

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