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In order

1. Can a user have access to multiple cubes at a time (different modules cubes).

Yes, this is part of the Express functionality.

2. Total No. of cubes that can be built on Express.

Potentially this is unlimited, but space constraints and good database design constrain the total typically to less than 200 Physical cubes, but you may have as many calculated cubes as you'd like.

3. what about the incremental data(next month's data), is it going to be appended in the same cube or built as new cube. and how many cubes can it hold with data size.

It is appended in the same cube as a slice - if the cube is predefined with the future dates, then the potential for bloat is minimised, and performance will be more consistant - I will charge consultancy rates for greater details, email if you have some questions.

4. Is it possible for us to build one cube for each module or different cubes for each analysis in each module(which will increase no. of cubes to ~70) and handling is not so easy.

Keeping related data together is a must - this means logical relations, not physical - and will be checked off during datadesign. Handling large numbers of cubes is very straightforward.

5. How many users can be created and their permissions.

Express can handle a potentially infinte number of users - the administrator cannot. From experience I would limit full user rights to those who do analysis, and create static HTML reports with SPL for the rest.

The user permissions are system dependant - If this is an OFA install for example, then the permissions need to be different (de to the inherent R/W of the system) than a loaded OSA system

6. In future, if we want to add new dimension/measure how will this be accomodated in Express. What will happen to the loading at that point of time. can we load the data with addition or deletion of dimension/measure.

Creation of measures is ok - express just creates another datastripe - so deletion is the same. If the system is on NT/2000 pro, then the O/S will need to be defragmented folowing deletion to optimise disk usage. Dimensions are trickier - you need to create a new measure with the added/deleted dimension and then copy the data across - otherwise express believes that it is corrupt.

7. If we are going to build a single cube for a module, Is it possible for us to have all the dimensions and measures which will not have any relationship also(like ex: Analysis1 has Dim: Time, Region, Nationality and 5 Measures and Analysis2 has Dim: Time, Activity, Injured Part and 6 different Measures) will the cube accomodate all 5 Dim and 11 Measures, How will we load the data....

To do this ( and I strongly recomend that you don't) the data will need to loaded at the top level of the non related dimensions, but at the appropriate level for the related dimensions. The composite will be able to manage this, but the end users will have difficulty. I cant state this strongly enough.

8. Can we have different cubes with different loading frequency (like cube A loaded every month, cube B loaded every quarter, cube C loaded every year).

Yes - you can even tie them in using Chron scripts.

9. I came to know that Oracle is going to takeback support to this tool in an year or so... and they are going to incorporate the features of Express in Oracle 9i DB Server.

The analyzer apps wil remain as is - the web agent/publisher will also continue as is. Express SPL is supported by 10i (the next release), and marginally suported by 9i. Porting from 6.3.2 to 9i should not pose any additional difficulties.



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