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Problem with locale in SSO -> unicode path problem [message #527955] Fri, 21 October 2011 01:06
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Hello everybody,

we are trying to make SSO functional on IIS7. We have followed tutorials. Everything would be fine, we are just unable to set LOCALE properly.

In instanececonfig.xml we have

<Param name="NQ_SESSION.LOCALE" source="cookie" nameInSource="SSO_LOCALE"/>

This cookie is set correctly in default.aspx

Response.Cookies("SSO_LOCALE").Value = "sk"

We have tried also source = "url" but it did not help.

If we add locale


the language is set correctly but not charset / codepage.

Please let me explain you why this is is essential for us. Our dashboard names contain national characters. Without proper setting of codepage the browsers are sending incorrect characters what results in Page not found OBI error message. This happens in spite of the fact that these paths are utf-8 coded.

Under normal circumstances, locale is set in login dialog. With SSO there is no login dialog and OBI seems to be confused.

Interesting: if the first click after SSO is on a dashboard name without any national characters it works fine even with subsequent clicks on dashboard names with national characters. It seems that invocation of a dashboard somehow sets locale.

The similar behavior can be reproduced in a standard (non SSO) environment if you bypass login screen using &NQUser=xxx&NQPassord=yyyy options.

Any help very appreciated!


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