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CLOB missing values from XMLType [message #359892] Tue, 18 November 2008 09:24
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Hello everyone,

the scenario goes like this:
1) I've created a table based on a .xsd schema. I plan on using it to store XMLtype objects.
create table xml_type_table OF XMLTYPE 
   XMLSCHEMA "http://my_schema.xsd" ELEMENT "Elem";

2) I get a CLOB value from an outside system. This CLOB is special in a way that it lacks one element called <vendor> that is registered in the schema I mentioned above.

3) I convert CLOB to an XMLType and I store it into the table xml_type_table .
insert into xml_type_table values (l_xmltype);

4) The point of all this: I need to update that record with a vendor name, so I do a simple update statement. Commit. When I query the "vendor" tag from the table I get the value I updated the record with.
update xml_type_table p 
   set   p.xmldata."vendor" = 'New_vendor'
   where p.xmldata."ID"='10850';

select   p.xmldata."vendor" -- returns the new updated vendor
from     xml_type_table p
where    p.xmldata."ID"='10850';

5) The problem: when I try to get the CLOB value of that XMLType I'm missing the <vendor> tag.
   select   value(p).getclobval() 
   from     xml_type_table p 
   where    p.xmldata."ID"='10850';

Why am I missing the <vendor> tag in my CLOB even though I've 'successfully' updated the XMLType?

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